Spiritual Guide

The mindset you have to have to be able to take yourself to hospital before it becomes an emergency is one I can’t describe. I don’t know where my strength comes from, I don’t know where my brave face comes from. I just don’t know how I do it; especially because its my least favourite place in the world. The one place that can drain my energy and diminish my infectious character in a heart beat, yet I take myself there willingly.  Some joke ting! 

As mad as it may seem, I’m greatful that I have the strength to be the way I am. In life we are faced with situations where the right decision is the hardest one to make. We know it’s the right decision because we have that gut feeling (I call mine my spiritual guide) that is telling us what we know we should do, but we often choose to ignore it. I’ve learnt to listen to my spiritual guide in every aspect of my life whether it be health, friendhips, even relationships, and it has never let me down yet.

Just to prove to you how much of a blessing your spiritual guide can be, here’s a true story. Watch my latest YouTube vid and then continue reading.



I had plans this weekend that I’ve been looking forward to for weeks, but I haven’t been feeling 100%. So this morning I reluctantly drove myself to A & E as I knew deep down (spiritual guide) that it was the right thing to do. Good job I did as it turns out my blood clotting levels are higher than what they should be, and after already having a scare earlier this year when a clot was found in my lung; I think this counts as a blessing 🖤

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Seph says:

    Always so bright and full of life. You are such an inspiration to young women facing any battle. Thank you for being you.


    1. Jenica Leah says:

      Thank you so much. I truly value how much you support everything that I do Xx


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